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Le Guin Memorial Reading Tonight

It’s going to take me a few blog posts to explore the feelings of loss and responsibility that have arisen in me since the passing of Ursula K. Le Guin. One quote that keeps coming to mind comes from Laurie Anderson’s Heart of a Dog: “Finally I saw it, the connection between love and death, and that the purpose of death is the release of love.”

National Novel Writing Month: Day 30

My NaNoWriMo challenge is complete, word count officially validated! Cue horns!! Cue bagpipes!! Cue all the kazoos!!! This is my third attempt at NaNoWriMo and my first ever win. What has changed since the other two efforts? From my perspective, I’ve just kept at it, hacking away (hopefully in just one sense of the verb, but possibly more than one) until I started to have some momentum. I went to the Viable Paradise Workshop, the Out of Excuses Writing Retreat, and then this summer, the NASA of writing workshops: Odyssey.

National Novel Writing Month: Day 29

Although tomorrow will be an ending of sorts, what I feel I’m approaching is a fork in the road between two warring visions for this novel. One of them is more satirical, the other more of a thriller. I’ll have to go back through what I’ve written to see where the story feels most stable and works best. I don’t think these two tones will mesh, so I’ll have to make a choice. Although I’ve climbed a mountain and have just over 1,000 words to go tomorrow to reach the top, I can already see the next peak. I want to climb it. I do.

National Novel Writing Month: Day 28

Oh my God, the end is almost here, and today I got to write a really cool fight scene! Before I wrote this novel I don’t believe I had written a single fight scene in my whole writing life—one of the many detriments of focusing on literary fiction. Anyway, I’m at 47,376 words. I’ll be very happy to drag my ass across the finish line in a couple of days. Or maybe I’ll skip or shimmy or something. I’m pretty tired, but honestly, it’s not the very most tired I’ve been in my life. Or even this year. (Odyssey Workshop, I’m looking at you.)